Control Equipment and Automation Department

Development of a complete package of design and estimate documentation on designing of:

  • automation of boiler plants with the steam boilers ДЕ, КЕ;
  • automation of boiler plants with the hot water boilers КВ-ГМ, ПТВМ, ДК-ВР, КВЦ, Е-75;
  • automation of boiler plants’ auxiliary equipment;
  • automation of fuel oil pumping stations;
  • automation of water conditioning and purification, chemical sections;
  • automation of central heating stations;
  • automation of water transfer pumps;
  • automation of water filtration stations;
  • automation of cluster water withdrawal systems;
  • automation of sewage treatment facilities;
  • automation of air intake systems;
  • on-site cable networks of control and measuring equipment;
  • 3 levels of automated process control systems and dispatching systems:
  • carrying out of feasibility studies of projects;
  • development of drawings of control and automatic switchboards, their arrangement;
  • implementation of pre-project inspection and conducting of on-site supervision.

Contact person

Tatyana Potapova
Head of the Control Equipment and Automation Department

Phone: +7 (727) 323 23 12 (int. 1627)