Kazakh Santechproject LLP is a successor of the Almaty branch of the State Design Institute “Santechproject” of the USSR Construction Committee. The branch was founded in 1959 and soon became a leading design organization in the following fields:

  • Designing of heating supply systems for cities and workers’ settlements with a population of 100,000 and less;
  • Designing of heating, ventilating and air-conditioning systems, use of alternative and renewable energy sources, electrodialysis desalination units and construction of boiler plants in the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic;
  • Designing of heating and ventilating systems for enterprises of powder metallurgy.

In 1980 according to the Order of the USSR Construction Committee, the Almaty branch of the State Design Institute “Santechproject” was reorganized into the State Design Institute “Kazakh Santechproject”.


The Institute Today


At the present time, Kazakh Santechproject LLP is one of the leading specialized organizations in the field of development of a complete package of design and estimate documentation for new construction projects, reconstruction and modernization of boiler plants, utilities systems, industrial facilities as well as residential and nonresidential buildings.

The company collaborates with a number of leading enterprises in the sphere of production of boiler units, heating, ventilating and cooling equipment, air conditioners, pumps and valves.

Kazakh Santechproject LLP is a member of the Union of Power Engineers of the Republic of Kazakhstan and ABOK (International Association of Engineers for Heating, Ventilation, Heat Supply and Building Thermal Physics).

Main Facts about the Institute

  • The total number of Kazakh Santechproject’s employees is more than 100;
  • The institute’s material and technical base includes own working area of about 1,200 m2;
  • The company works in accordance with a unified system of labor protection and safety measures;
  • The scope of Kazakh Santechproject’s activities also includes development of a complete package of design and estimate documentation covering the sections on environmental protection in accordance with the requirements of the Environmental Code, the Comprehensive Program on Improving the Environmental Situation in Almaty and other regulations in the sphere of environmental activity and on-site supervision.